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Peace Of Mind!


The J.R Wood Group gives you and your family peace of mind by offering "Final Expense Life Insurance" to cover the cost of funeral and burial expenses. Iindividuals from ages 0 to 85 can apply for coverage with no medical exam, no physical exam or blood work. Just answer a few simple health questions to qualify.

There are Term Policies up to $50,000.00 and Whole Life Policies up to $30,000.00. Whole life policies can be upgraded with an accidential death benefit rider. Many plans offer First Day Coverage! Plans that fit your needs and your budget!

Life Insurance Underwritten By Senior Life Insurance Company.

Pre-PlanningYour Legacy


A little planning goes a long way! If you have no life insurance, some life insurance or need more life insurance, we can help.The more you do today to protect yourself and your loved ones, the easier it will be for the family when the time comes.

Being prepared with life insurance is one step of the process, let us show you how to reduce the cost of your funeral and burial expenses by securing your burial merchandise at wholesale cost. We are able to help reduce the cost by 1/3 to 1/2 of the total burial cost with our Legacy Program*. Don't make the most difficult time in your family's life even harder! Click the Legacy tab for details of the program.

*The J.R Wood  Group recommends that you be a policy holder to cover the Legacy Merchandise cost.

Need Immediate Coverage?
"We've Got You Covered"


The J.R Wood Group

  1600 Druid Hill Ave Ste B

   Baltimore, Maryland 21217



The J.R Wood Group's Referral Program
You could be eligible to win a referral bonus by referring your
friends, family, co-workers, congregation members, social media
connections, or anyone you can think of. You don't have to be a
policy holder to qualify, simply call or email us with their name and phone number. It's just that simple!

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