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Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

While there are many applicants for life insurance who can easily qualify for coverage – even with a required medical exam – there are others who may not be so lucky. This is Where a guaranteed issue life insurance policy comes into play.

Having an adverse health condition doesn’t remove your need for life insurance coverage – in fact, in many instances, it can oftentimes make your need for protection that much stronger.

While many who have been denied for life insurance coverage may feel that they have no hope, there is a possible solution – with a guaranteed acceptance life insurance policy. These policies do not require you to take a medical exam as part of the application process. In addition, you aren’t required to fill out a detailed medical questionnaire. Therefore, those who have certain health related conditions may still be able to qualify for the life insurance coverage that they need and there are companies who offer no medical exam life insurance.

The Many Advantages of Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

There are many people who can benefit from a guaranteed issue policy. Some of these can include those who:

  • Have a serious health condition – Those who have extremely serious health issues such as AIDS or cancer can qualify for a guaranteed issue policy. However, those with other conditions may be able to obtain the life insurance protection that they need by going this route.

  • Are elderly – While many life insurers may turn down those who reach a certain age, many guaranteed issue plans will still accept those who are in the older age brackets.

  • Participate in dangerous hobbies or occupations – Participating in dangerous hobbies such as sky diving or hang gliding will often knock people out of traditional life insurance coverage. However, they may qualify for coverage through a guaranteed issue plan.

In addition to those who have health issues, there are other benefits to guaranteed issue life insurance coverage, too. For example, there are many individuals who simply may not want to answer a plethora of medical questions or take the time to wait for a medically underwritten policy to be approved. In this case, a guaranteed issue policy could be an ideal solution.

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